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CACH Overview

Following the successful introduction of the Central Application Clearing House in 2013 the Department of Higher Education and Training is again offering this service to assist people who wish to study at one of our many Universities or Colleges in 2020 and have not been offered a place at the institution to which they have applied.

Once the examination results are available, we shall pass applicant information on to Universities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges and SETA's offering learnerships that are still looking for students. By registering on this website you are agreeing that your details may be passed on to registered providers of higher and further education or learnerships.

Central Application Service

The Department of Higher Education and Training has established a project to establish the Central Application Service (CAS) in support of the National Development Plan (NDP) – Vision 2030. The NDP 2030 requires South Africa to have access to education and training of the highest quality, leading to significant improved learning outcomes. The CAS will contribute directly to the attainment of NDP 2030 access requirement. This is augmented by the White Paper for Post-School Education and Training (2013) which views the CAS as a crucial move towards supporting informed access to universities and other Post School Education and Training (PSET) opportunities for students, and to make the choices and placement of students across the system more effective. CAS will provide a single, affordable, easy to understand application process, giving applicants access to multiple institutions covering the entire PSET sector. It will also facilitate planning for and reporting on the entire PSET sector. It is therefore the intention of the CAS to serve as an administrative service that will streamline and reduce the cost of applications, enabling multiple applications at a single cost, provide institutions with information on available applications, provide applicants with information on programmes, facilitate career guidance and enable the Ministry and institutions to monitor equity demographics. 

The Central Application Clearing House (CACH) will eventually form part of CAS.