Institution Portal Access Guide

The URL and a username and password granting access to search for eligible students has been sent to the Registrars of all public unversities, Rectors of all public TVET colleges and CEOs of all SETAs.

How To Log in

By accessing the URL for the institution portal, you can use the provided username and password to gain entry:

How to searh for Applicants

Once you have logged on, you can use the filter criteria to refine your result set as indicated below. Clicking the "click here to filter results" button, will present you with the students who match your criteria. Click the ">" icon to view the subject details for each student.

Export to Excel

Once you have specified the filter criteria and executed the result set, you will be able to export this list to Excel. Click the "Export to Excel" button to do so. It might take a short while if the result set is big. The subjects will also be exported.